Second Computer


When I build computers for myself, I try to make sure that the next computer is at least double the speed of the previous one.  Trying to keep up with the latest technology and the latest fads would just be too cost-prohibitive.  The first one is described here.  The second computer runs an almost entirely different path.

I use the second computer as my Home Theater PC.

I've received many compliments on this HTPC.  It was not the easiest to work with hardware-wise.  It's a mini-pc and the components are standard sized components, so space is tight.  Actually I'm surprised with all the components I've jammed into this machine that it hasn't gone up in flames, but I run it 24x7 and it's running great!

A lot of friends call it my little toaster, and at roughly 8x8x11 inches, it's understandable because it's about the size of a toaster. 

If I could I'd build a few more of these guys, I would.  I love this XPC Form Factor, I get a lot of surprised people come by and say "That's your computer?!?!" 



Intel Pentium 4 2.4ghz

Shuttle SB51GB Case

Samsung 1 gigabyte DDR RAM (PC2700)

Sony DRU-500AX DVD Burner

Maxtor 120 gigabyte hard drive - WinXP

Maxtor 120 gigabyte hard drive - Storage

ATI All in Wonder Radeon 9700

ATI Remote Wonder

Logitech Navigator Duo (wireless keyboard and mouse)

External Firewire attached hard drive enclosure with Western Digital 180 gigabyte hard drive for extra storage.

Teac External Floppy Drive


Home Theater Configuration:

Sony 61 inch Projection Television

B&W In-Wall Speakers for the rear

B&W Front and Center Speakers

Hsu Research Sub-Woofer

Apex 5131 DVD Player

Denon AVR-2802 Receiver

Nintendo GameCube Game Console

Sony Playstation 2 Game Console


Pioneer LaserKaraoke Laserdisc Player